I wrote a script were when someone submit 2 numbers in a form, it displays a table of results for 10 to 89. Here is part of the script:

var str = '<table>';
for(var C=10; C<=89; ++C) {
str += '<tr>';
str += '<td>' + C + '<\/td>';
str += '<td>' + eval(formula) + '<\/td>';
str += '<\/tr>';
str += '<\/table>';

The problem is that it displays a long table vertically, with 80 lines (parameter C in the script). I would like instead that it's displayed more horizontally, that means: the table is displayed vertically from C ranging from 10 to 25, with the result on the calculation (eval(formula)in the script) on the right like before. Then, on the right of these results, the same table but with C ranging from 26 to 41 (so it has the same vertical length) and same, on the right after C from 42 to 57, and then from 58 to 73, and then from 74 to 89 (no need to put 90).
I really don't know how to do that, can you help please?