My BattleShip game will not compile correctly.

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Thread: My BattleShip game will not compile correctly.

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    Mar 2006

    My BattleShip game will not compile correctly.

    I have two classes. The application Starter is Called StartBattleShip. My Second Class is BattleShip. When I try to complie StartBattleShip I get two errors. The They both say they cannot find symbol , symbol : class BattleShip.

    I have tried just about everything I could think of. I have typed in the command prompt set classpath = . That didn't even help. Here is the Code.

    public class StartBattleShip
    	public static void main(String[] Args)
    		BattleShip play = new BattleShip();
    		int[] locations = {2,3,4};
    		String userGuess = "2";
    		String result = play.checkGuess(userGuess);
    class BattleShip
    	int[] locationCells;
    	int numberOfHits = 0;
    	public void setLocationCells(int[] locs)
    		locationCells = locs;
    	public String checkGuess(String stringGuess)
    		int guess = Integer.parseInt(stringGuess);
    		String result = "miss";
    		for(int cells : locationCells)
    			if(guess == cells)
    				result = "hit";
    		if(numberOfHits == locationCells.length)
    			result = "Kill" ;
    		return result;
    Any help would be appreciated. I am just too frustrated. I am sure it is something very simple. This is just the begining. I plan to expand it but for now I am trying to just get the basic to work.
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    Look at your declaration (the first line) of your Battleship class. Is something missing?

    Do you have your CLASSPATH defined properly? (is this a problem you've had, before?)

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    Mar 2006
    No I have not had this problem before. I did place a public infront of the
    class BattleShip decelaration. I happened to notice that also after I posted but it still comes up with the same errors.

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    Mar 2006

    Got it.

    I got it to compile finally. I went to my enviornment variables and added a new variable classpath and set the value to H:\Apps; which is where all my java applications are stored. Thanks for the help nspils.

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