I have a courseework, that prohibits usage of sql within the code.
I have objects in array list. I have a connection to the Access table. How can i store the data from my arraylist into the table in Access.
I tried the following but it didn't work:

dataset.Tenant.Clear() ' tenant is the name of the table in access

For i = 0 To tenantList.Count - 1
dataset.Tenant.Item(i).tenantId = tenantList.Item(i).tenantno
dataset.Tenant.Item(i).firstName = tenantList.Item(i).tenantfname
dataset.Tenant.Item(i).lastName = tenantList.Item(i).tenantlname
dataset.Tenant.Item(i).tenantType = tenantList.Item(i).tenanttype


the following does not work either:

for i = 0 to tenantList.Count - 1
dataset.Tenant.AddTenantRow(tenantList.Item(i).tenantfname, tenantList.Item(i).tenantlname, tenantList.Item(i).tenantno, tenantList.Item(i).tenanttype)

can anybody help me?