Hi, I have created an applet (JApplet), that first creates a JDesktopPane and then creates a modal JDialog on top of that, this all happens in the applet's start() method.

I want the JDesktopPane to show and the JDialog on top of that...

The problem I am getting is that the the dialog box shows, but instead of the JDesktopPane behind it, the spinning java coffee cup logo that shows when an applet loads, continues to display. the JDesktopPane will only really show if the modal dialog is closed.

I thought I had fixed it for a moment by:

* Creating the JDesktopPane
* Forcing a call to the applet's paint() method
* then creating the JDialog

But when I tried it on a slower computer and the applet takes slightly longer to start, I STILL get the spinning java cofee cup logo showing behind the JDialog... even when I force a call to the applet's paint() method, before I create the dialog. Help!

Is there any way to reliably stop the spinning java logo from withing the applet's start method()??? maybe by telling Java that the applet has finished starting?? any ideas??