1. Design and implement a class called GradesTotal with the following features:
a. Three instance variables: name, numberOfMajors and totalScore.
b. Two constructors:
- Student(String name)
- Student(String name, int numberOfMajors, double totalScore)
c. The following methods:
- addMajors (double score) to add a major scores.
- getTotalScore() to get the total score of the student.
- getAverageScore() to get the average of the student.

2. Design and implement a class named Appointment that contains instance variables startTime, endTime, dayOfWeek (valid values are Sunday through Saturday), and a date which consists of a month, day and year. All times should be in military time, therefore it is appropriate to use integers to represent the time. Create the appropriate accessor and mutator methods.

3. Write a Java class that represents a Student with instance variables name, id, and gpa. Include constructors, accessor, mutator and any facilitator methods you may need. Write a driver program to test your created Student class.

4. Write a complete Java program that prompts the user for a phrase. The program converts and displays the phrase in uppercase letters.