Beta1 will ship to MSDN Universal Customers "within days."

I heard the Visual Studio.NET team had a "Beta1 Party" already. That is only
one piece of evidence that I have received that tell me that the bits have
been burned and that things should start happening darn soon.

My rumor line is ringing off the hook. Folks have gotten emails. A few
insiders have gotten Beta1 bits. I'm hearing that sometime in the next few
days the bits will be up for MSDN Universal customers and According to QBS
http://www.qbss.com Visual Studio.NET Beta 1 is now available (that's
wrong -- I'm an MSDN Universal Subscriber and it's not on their download
page yet).

Clearly it is close, though. I'm not under NDA. I'm not on the beta. But, my
phone has been ringing off the hook and it's clearly time to make a
prediction (which I think will be more accurate than any of the presidential
race predictions).

Beta1 of Visual Studio.NET is coming soon -- probably on Monday. It's time
to check MSDN and this newsgroup often -- I'm sure that the minute it comes
online there'll be hundreds of posts.

DevX tells me they will track information as it happens at
http://www.devx.com/dotnet/resources/ (click on .NET Beta Page). If you see
anything show up, please send URLs/Rumors/News to dotnet@devx.com so DevX
can let everyone else know about it.

Finally, if you haven't purchased MSDN Universal the only way to get the
Visual Studio.NET beta1 will be to sign up for it (link is on the DevX .NET
Beta page above). That'll get you a CD, but there might be a slight shipping

Keep in mind that Visual Studio.NET is DIFFERENT from the .NET Framework
SDK. Both are expected to ship at the same time. Visual Studio.NET INCLUDES
the .NET Framework SDK. (The .NET Framework SDK is expected to be available
separately as well).

Expected download size for Visual Studio.NET is somewhere around 800 to 900
megabytes, so the download won't be for someone who is on a 28.8 modem.
You'll want to sign up for the CD if you don't have a broadband connection
to the Internet.


Robert Scoble
My own opinions.