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    Apr 2006

    Unhappy create shape and append coomand data report

    helloo guyz...

    this is 3rd times i posted diz question....
    i want ur helping... plz help me to solve my problem...
    the problem is.. how to create the shape and append command for data report...

    i want like this....


    not like this


    my question is i want 1 parent and 2 siblings children....
    i dont know how to solve this problem...coz i just know bout 1 parent and 1 child...

    using shape and append command...... example logic is below

    SHAPE {parent-command} [[AS] table-alias]
    APPEND (
    ( SHAPE {child SQL statement} [[AS] alias]
    APPEND ( {grandchild SQL statement} [[AS] alias]
    RELATE child column TO grandchild column) [[AS] alias] )
    RELATE parent column TO child column) [[AS] alias]

    this is juz for 1 parent and 1 child... how to create another child???

    plz help me....

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    Jan 2007
    I also have this problem.

    If I have two Group headers How can I write the SQL Statement?

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