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Thread: confused

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    Apr 2006

    Question confused

    hi, wat program do u use to make java games, im a java noob

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    Jan 2006
    Gaming is a very advanced topic, as you need strong mathematical skills and a very good understanding of the Java graphics painting mechanism (how stuff gets drawn on the screen). Being a noob, it will really stand to you to learn the basics before attempting to dive into something so complex. I recommend reading 'Thinking in Java' by Bruce Eckel, or 'Java, How to Program' by Deitel as beginner books. After that if you are still adament about gaming, a very good book is 'Killer Game Programming in Java' by Andrew Davison

    To answer the qeustion you asked, there is no specific program dedicated to making java games; they must be programmed just like any other Java application (by hand). A good tool for developing Java application is Netbeans (www.netbeans.org) or Eclipse (www.eclipse.org).

    Feel free to ask for any more help, if you need it and good luck!

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