Using Validator with Resource Bundles

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Thread: Using Validator with Resource Bundles

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    Question Using Validator with Resource Bundles

    I am currently using the struts validator in my application, but i had to move from the i18n to a resource bundle for different translations in a database. I have all the text coming from the resource bundle and inserting into the many different pages, but i am having trouble linking the tags/keys for the bundle inside the Validator. all i get for a popup message on my screen is:

    ??????? en_US.Name ???????

    the en_US is the locale info, and the Name is the Tag/Key. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

    When it was using i18n it was using the ApplcationResource file.

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    ??????? en_US.Name ??????? says, that your default-properties file ( or, en and defautl are the same) is missing a key "Name". Perhaps you use a localized properties file ( and this one is missing the same key. so the bundle would search for the same key in the default props and thus not find it.

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    When i get the data for the resourcebundle i have 3 different java files to the bundles would be stored in, Labels_en_US, Labels_fr_FR, Labels"Default". I have done a check and i can display the message that i need in the regular jsp pages as bundle.Name. I do know that if i'm using the fr_FR file that the message changes to fr_FR.Name. I have been reading that in "validator_1_2.dtd" they added the bundle attrubute to it. does anyone know more about it, and if it would help???

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