hi all,
m very new to ejb...m crerating container managed entity bean in wsed..The steps I have followed r as follows,

i) created 2 tables in database,one is PARENT with fields ID(Primary Key) and NAME and another is CHILD with fields ID1(Foreign Key) and NAME.

ii)created 2 entity beans... 1st is parent with fields id(key field) and name(promote getter & setter methods to local interface)...2nd is child
(choosed parent as bean super type) with fields id1 (promote getter & setter methods to local interface) and name (promote getter & setter methods to local interface)...

iii)Generated EJB to RDB mapping(choosed crreate new backend folder->meet in the middle->use existing connection->choosed the tables parent & child in the database->match by name->finish)

now m getting an error in Map.mapxmi--->"The table PARENT does not have a discriminator column"...and a warning--->"A primary key does not exist for table: CHILD in file: platform:/resource/NewFK/ejbModule/META-INF/backends/DB2UDBNT_V8_1/Map.mapxmi. Map.mapxmi NewFK/ejbModule/META-INF/backends/DB2UDBNT_V8_1 L/NewFK/ejbModule/META-INF/backends/DB2UDBNT_V8_1/Map.mapxmi"