Hello all,
I have an ASP.NET application that generate pdf files.
I'm having problems with the "aspnet_wp", even when not generating the pdf files (the application generates a 700Kb pdf files), just while navigating into the website, the "aspnet_wp" start growing and growing but never releases the memory until I get an "out of memory" error.
The application was developed in .NET 2003, with Framework 1.1, C# and the component that generates the pdf files.

The strange thing is that the COM component i'm using, does not contain a "dispose statement", do you know a better way to destroy a COM component that does not have a dispose method ?

I am using this line of code to destroy the pdf generator object


I read that this could be a problem of the Framework 1.1 that has this kind of problem, but I read too that installing the Service Pack 1 for Framework 1.1 the problem could be solved.
I've installed the SP1, but I didn't see any difference.
Does anybody know how can I solve the problem of memory leak from my website ?

Thank you all