hi i have made a basic Instant messenger program for LAN based PC's and was wondering if any of you guys wishes to test this system..

my program is made using java 1.5 so you may need the latest java runtime enviorment to run it

if you have a router with more than one PC connected to it, you can run this program. simply read the instructions from the feedback form attached with the program.

however if your not connected using a LAN basedrouter PC feel free to try it with another user who has no LAN either to see if it works over the internet, thanks and hope you have the time to check out my program and fill in the feedback form.

you can send the form directly back to my ftp site where my program is.

please send it using a unique filename so that your form doesnt get over written by someone uploading a simialr file name. thanks and hope to hear from you soon....


any problems in conecting to the ftp site just post on this thread, thanks