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    Apr 2006

    Unhappy Jpanel and repaint() problem


    I am trying to code a simple alarm clock, and I'm having problems with the repaint() method.

    The applet has been setup using a JPanel, and as the seconds pass by, I want the digital clock to update this. In the run() method I call for the repaint() hoping that it will clear the screen and update it with the new time.

    What actually happens is the new time updates itself and paints on the old time

    can someone pls help me with this. I've written the same code without using a Jpanel, but using normal frames and it works.

    anyone got any ideas??

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    Mar 2004
    So the new time is being painted on top of the old time, so they're overlaying? You have to clear the area yourself first. You'll probably get some flickering though, so look into double buffering.

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    Apr 2006

    Hi audette,

    I'l try working on your problem. Plz visit the forum again. Maybe i can fix it..

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