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    Apr 2006

    How to join an opensource development team?


    Can anybody tell me how can I join an opensource software development team? I know the basics of java but till now I couldn't do a practical implementation of java.

    Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated...

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    Sep 2004
    Try to find someone that knows some java and make a simple app with him/her.
    My own java video tutorials, feel free to watch it.
    http://www.engineeringserver.com/for...amming-b311.0/ Need java help? For beginning and intermediate java coders!

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    Apr 2006

    Post Thanks Arkie

    Thanks for your suggession... Right now I am in search of some online tutorials which will take me step by step through the process of implementing java. (I dont want any tutorials that just cover the subject). Now I am going through your tutorials... I'l inform you whether it was useful for me..

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    Apr 2006
    Hi Arkie,

    downloaded your tutorial from the link www.fullfunda.com/ArkServer/JInternalFrame.wmv

    But it does not hav audio and is not clear...

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