Retrieving data isn't causing me too many problems either. For example:

Private Sub DABGetItemList(ByRef strItems() As String, _
ByRef strStatus() As String, _
ByRef intItemCount As Integer)

Dim objDSC As ADO.ADODataSetCommand
Dim objDS As Data.DataSet
Dim objDR As Data.RowsCollection
Dim objRow As Data.DataRow
Dim intCounter As Integer

Dim objType As System.Type
Dim objStatus() As System.Byte

objDSC = New ADO.ADODataSetCommand()

objDSC.SelectCommand = New ADO.ADOCommand("Select * From LockTable", mobjConn)

objDS = New Data.DataSet()

objDSC.FillDataSet(objDS, "LockTable")

objDR = objDS.Tables.Item("LockTable").Rows
intItemCount = objDR.Count
If intItemCount = 0 Then
Erase strItems
Erase strStatus
ReDim strItems(intItemCount)
ReDim strStatus(intItemCount)
End If
intCounter = 0
For Each objRow In objDR
strItems(intCounter) = objRow.Item("LockItem").ToString
objStatus = CType(objRow.Item("LockStatus"), Byte())
strStatus(intCounter) = System.Text.Encoding.Unicode.GetString(objStatus)
intCounter = intCounter + 1

End Sub
"Miha Markic" <> wrote in message
I don't have an example, but I suppose that this is done by DataSetCommand (execution) & DataSet (rows).

"Pino Carafa" <> wrote in message
Can someone give me a simple example on how to add a new row to a table in a database using ADO.NET?
And how to change an existing one?
How to delete one?

The documentation is making my head hurt.