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    Using .lib with VB.net 2005 ? And a dll question.


    I have two questions. I made an application and i need some features from another application. I talked to the creator and he agreed to help me. But he use C++.

    He offered to give me a dll or a lib file. But, naturally, i should not redistribute the dll or lib file.

    First question: can the lib file be used with VB.net 2005 Express Edition ?

    Second question: is there a way to incorpore the dll to the application exe file ?

    Thanks for your help !

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    I know of no way to compile a .LIB or .DLL file into a VB.NET executable. The supported method for using third-party code from VB.NET is to create a .NET or COM DLL and reference the DLL from your VB application, or to call a standard DLL (which I suspect is what your friend wants to give you) using P/Invoke. VB does not support static linking.
    Phil Weber

    Please post questions to the forums, where others may benefit.
    I do not offer free assistance by e-mail. Thank you!

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I'll check how to do with my friend. Thanks again.

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