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Thread: Running Multiple Java files

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    Running Multiple Java files


    I need some help here. I have a java program which reads text from website(Prog1), now in order create a webpage to display the output, I created an applet (Prog2).

    What I actually want is to populate the output of Prog1 onto the display fields in Prog2? Does anyone has any idea how to do this? I know its very simple but I am new to Java so thats why I dont know how to proceed with this.

    My thought is that Prog1 should run first and have some data, and then Prog 2 runs to display the data (they are in the same project).

    I am using NetBeans IDE 5.0

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    your prog2 needs a method, where prog1 can inject the data. let's assume that method is called prog2.setData(String dataAsString);
    then you can do the following:
    prog1 works and gets some data. when done prog1 makes prog2.setData(myData);
    prog2 uses the myData to populate and display the data.

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