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    Apr 2006

    saving html table into excel

    Hi all,

    I am generating one html table by fetching the data from backend now i want to save it in the excel file means how to download that content into excel on the client machine

    Rahul Vyas

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    Feb 2006
    Cologne - Germany
    you will have to set the content-type of your response by setting it to "application/???", have a look at the mimetype definitions in the internet (eg. rfc). when you set the right mimetype to the clientside, you can stream the binary excelsheet through the servlets ouputstream. however, an easier way is to send it as a comma seperated values.

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    Feb 2006
    Cologne - Germany
    by the way, the displaytag jsp library at http://displaytag.sourceforge.net/ supports to generate fantastic sortable views of any data (eg from database), with support of conversion to csv, xml and many other formats. it also supports paging for results. give it a try.

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