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    Question Initializing strings to zero value in a Constructor

    I'm struggling to understand how to initialize a string to zero value within the constructor. I have created mutator method and accessor method to display the string entered by user, however when using the accessor method it keeps displaying a null value.

    class Book
    // The fields.
    private String author;
    private String title;
    private int pages;
    private String refNumber = null;

    public void setRefNumber(String ref)
    ref = refNumber;

    * returns the reference number

    public String getRefNumber()
    return refNumber;

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Many thanks

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    In an assignment statement, the variable which is being assigned a value is the left hand side of the assignment operator, while the value being assigned is on the right. Therefore, your statement should be

    refNumber = ref;

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