My project contains the following desing
A JFrame with JmenuBar and JdesktopPane.

So When I click a JMenuItem of JFrame First InternalFrame is loaded on the JDesktopPane.Then I click a JButton in the First InternalFrame second InternalFrame is loaded on the First InternalFrame.No problem going well.

My problem is :I got the following view when my project is running.
JFrame->JDesktopPane->FirstInternalFrame->Second InternalFrame
Now the focus in second Internal Frame.I unfortunately click the First Internal Frame that is outside of the Second InterFrame.At that time of clicking, second Internal Frame has gone. I do not know where it is.

So I want nothing is happening when I click outside the second Internal frame.That is after I close second Internal Frame or after done something on that then only I have to go to First Internal Frame.

Will you please tell me the way to solve this.

Thank you so much.