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    ListView add items is SLOW vs. VB6

    Hello all....

    Started with a VB6 app which loaded a few thousand rows/listitems into a listview (detail/report view with about 10 columns). In VB6, the load takes about .2 seconds.

    Rewrote the same code for VB.Net (2005) and it takes almost 4 seconds. Changed code to use listview.items.addrange but no improvement. Addrange seems like a convenience with no improvement is performance.

    I have searched through the ListView documentation and found nothing about improving load times for a large # of listview items. I also notice that if I already have the rows/items in the listview, making edits to the cotents of a column (say, a single column/subitem for all rows/items) is also very expensive compared to VB6.

    Any suggestions? Hard to justify porting apps from VB6 to VB.Net when such issues have a significant negative impact to the end user.

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    I experienced the same exact thing you have described here.

    I found this link very helpful:

    Using virtualmode, you don't need to call items.add and you will be able to populate your listview in no time.

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