I have an imaging application which can connect to 1 of 4 different database backends... The app can use MS-Access, MSDE, SQL Server > 7, and MySQL.

I would like to provide a screen in the administrator program which will allow the operator the ability to view some stats from the connected database (e.g. List all tables and the current # of records), and of course the size of the transaction logs (like SQL Server), and allow the operator to invoke a database backup or backup/truncate the transaction logs.

Has anyone done any work like this like in the form of a Class module or control that can perform certain tasks against a database?

It appears from what I am reading (online docs) that I can write SQL statements to invoke a BACKUP command for SQL Server/MSDE and also truncate the transaction log, but does anyone have experience doing this for MS-Access or MySQL?

I am trying to avoid having to write the code from scratch to do this operation and was hoping someone has some code to share

Any help is appreciated.