I have a very simple problem, i'm doing a form of which i want some fields to be enabled/diabled based on selection. Got it working fantastic in FF but not IE.

I wonder if anyone can help

Heres the examples (i've cut out the irelevant HTML) :
java example there are 3 functions ( bit up in the head)
 function drinksonlyon()

Part of the html form called 'forma'

<label for="fldBuffet">Buffet:</label>
<select name="fldBuffet" id="sBuffet"  tabindex="14">
<option >SELECT</option>
<OPTION VALUE='5' onclick="drinksonlyoff ();">Business Buffet</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE='31' onclick="teacoffee(); ">Tea &amp; Coffee with biscuits </OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE='37' onclick="drinksonlyoff ();">Members Tea Menu 4</OPTION>
<OPTION VALUE='999' onclick="drinksonlyon (); ">Drinks Only - see below</OPTION>

here's another just on a radio button
<input type=radio name="fldblah" id="fldInvoice"   onclick="javascript:document.forma.fldInvoice.disabled=false"/> No<br />

<textarea name="fldInvoice" id="fldInvoice"  tabindex="9" cols=30 rows=5  disabled></textarea>
like i say all working great in FF, it's my first attempt at anything javaish apart from pre made scripts so i was chuffed it worked in FF.

Grateful for any replies, if you could use the names etc i've used then it makes more sense when i'm following it through (as i'm a slow learner)

Thank you