Movement based off rotation.

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Thread: Movement based off rotation.

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    Movement based off rotation.

    Hi i'm trying to make a 2d game where i need the player's x and y positions to update based on the angle of rotation when they move. It's been a good few years since i even thought of programming and have forgotten the math.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    You could have two Variables one called xPos and yPos. It seems to be a very common way to get to set the players position.

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    Yes, but i want to move forward the way the sprite is facing rather than straight 4 directional movement.

    I think it has something to do with storing the x and y positions and calculating the sin and cos of the angles but i'm jiggered if i can remember how it goes together.

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    Got it now

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    step = amount the player moves each step
    x += sin(angle)*step
    y += cos(angle)*step

    I might have flip-flop the sin and cos. If the rotation seems backwards, just swap them.

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