AutomatedQA Corp. (the makers of Qtime) have released AQtest, an
industrial-grade software test automation and management tool for Windows.
AQtest provides automated support for regression, unit and functional
testing of WinForms projects using Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET framework.
All .NET languages are supported -- C#, Visual C++ 7, Visual Basic 7. AQtest
also features complete white-box testing capabilities. Even private
properties, methods or members can be controlled from
external scripts.

Like .NET itself, AQtest is basically language-independent. It equally
integrates with "vanilla" Microsoft Visual C++ and Visual Basic, as well as
Borland Delphi and C++Builder. It also supports a wide range of frameworks
and APIs, including MFC, ATL, ActiveX, Win32, ADO, VCL, WTL, Swing, WFC and

Scripts can be recorded, written, edited and executed in VBScript (as well
as JScript or DelphiScript) and they can also be recorded or edited in C++,
to match your .NET language. Any application may be compiled to use AQtest
as an OLE server. In that configuration, all tests can be run from
application code rather than script code -- including from recorded scripts
integrated into application source.

AQtest has a thoroughly modern, highly intuitive user interface built for
ease of use, as well as complete, extensive documentation for all supported
environments and scripting languages.

As AQtest is entirely COM-based, it can be extended through plug-ins (using
the complete IDL libraries supplied). Several of its current features are
implemented as plug-ins -- including the .NET support. This means the .NET
integration will keep in step with the evolution of .NET itself. Updated
plug-ins will be posted on the AutomatedQA site as needed.

To learn more about AQtest, visit Or jump directly to the .NET
page, Or write us at

AutomatedQA Corp.