Hi all,

is there a way to determine the drives/nfs that are mapped from a
server in java/jsp/js?
If a client chooses a file on his desktop (using 'browse' - <nested:
file> or <html:file>, i need to change this local path to an absolute
path from the server. I could change it to the clients IP/hostname,
But I am not sure this would be the same as the networked path.
I only need the path name, no upload is being done, cause there
is a scheduler that takes care of it.
(pre-req) is a mapping should be present.

after the file is chosen using 'browse', can we change the name to
an absolute path without refreshing/reloading...I could save it
initially in a hidden field and then when the field is 'filled-in'
can I run a _javascript and make it absolute? should i choose

thanks in advance,