he first milestone release (M1) of MyEclipse 5.0 is now available for immediate installation through the "Development Releases" section of the MyEclipse website. Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX support is available. Please review New and Notewothy, installation instructions and release notes before download.

Download MyEclipse 5.0 M1

MyEclipse 5.0M1 is compatible with Eclipse 3.2 release candidates. Please be sure to install Eclipse 3.2 prior to installation of MyEclipse 5.0M1.

The 5.0M1 release includes major enhancements and bug fixes for the MyEclipse environment, including:

* All MyEclipse 4.x features ported to Eclipse 3.2 SDK and Web Tools Platform 1.5.
* Matisse4MyEclipse for Eclipse 3.2 SDK (Windows only). Requires update site installation.
* Backward compatibility for MyEclipse 4.x J2EE projects.
* Linux support for MyEclipse Web 2.0 Browser and JavaScript Debugger.
* Significant JSP Editor performance improvements.
* Advanced and basic wizards for creation of HTML, JSP and XML document files.
* New wizards to create and drop database tables, indexes and foreign key relationships. Wizards are accessible from the Database Browser and Database Details View.
* Database Entity-Relationship Diagram customization features including selection of tables during creation, drag-n-drop of tables and from the Database Explorer, remove table from diagram, and access schema management wizards from context-menu actions.
* Improved Database DDL and XML generation.
* Improved Database Details view, especially table information.
* Hibernate HQL Editor with query execution capabilities integrated with Database Explorer, includes synchronized SQL Translation View.
* Hibernate Perspective and capabilities.
* Upgrade to Spring Framework 1.2.7 libraries.
* Use of customizable workspace capabilities, perspectives and activities to provide a cohesive organization of MyEclipse features.
* All previously released features from MyEclipse 4.1.1

MyEclipse 5.0M1 utilizes Eclipse 3.2RC4/WTP 1.5RC2 as its base, and integrates the many new features now available in Eclipse 3.2, including but not limited to:

* Reworked Import/Export dialog
* JDT screen casts
* Automatic Javadoc attachment
* Improved working set support for JDT actions
* Creation of plug-ins for any OSGi framework
* OpenGL support
* Improved patching support
* JFace field assistance
* Support for dynamic Help content
* Install/Update enhancements
* Scalability improvement
* Improved syntax recovery
* Performance improvements
* Composite cheat sheets
* And of course, many more!

The new MyEclipse 5.0M1 release also includes improvements and bug fixes for the popular Matisse4MyEclipse Swing UI designer. Matisse4MyEclipse integrates the best features from the Eclipse platform and Sun's NetBeans project to enable the easy creation of Java rich client applications within the MyEclipse environment. Note that Matisse4MyEclipse is shipped as a separate download that is installable through the Eclipse update facility.

For additional details, screen shots, and an online demo please view the Matisse4MyEclipse section of the website. Matisse4MyEclipse is not supported on Linux pending resolution of Eclipse bug #110163. Mac users will be unable to utilize the Matisse4MyEclipse, MyUML, and MyEclipse Image Editor functions due to the long-standing Eclipse SWT_AWT bug #67384.

The 5.0 M1 release is available to all free trial users, but prior installation of an Eclipse 3.2RC build is necessary for installation of MyEclipse 5.0M1, but no other prerequisites are required.

The milestone-2 release of MyEclipse 5.0 is expected within weeks, with a follow-on release soon after the release of Eclipse 3.2 GA on June 30th.