Wanna open another market and sell your games into China?

Lots of game developers found that it's very hard to have customers buy their games. They upload games onto Handango and other internet game portals, don't have the luck and only have 1 or 2 downloads a month. Even they are lucky enough to put onto carrier's download menu, but have a very bad rank.

Why not publish those titles to Chinese market?

China, has the most population in the world, has reached 450 millions of mobile subscribers, no. 1 in the world. There are already many games on China Mobile's portal, provided by Chinese developer. Most of them has the same problem: Lack of game experience. It's time for you guys to have your titles ready and ship it to China.
Chinese government limits the issue of licenses of mobile content provider. Foreigner has to phisically live in China, file for business license, get Mobile Content provider license, sign contract with all carriers. It may takes you about 1 year to have all those paperworks done. So, why not find a Chinese publisher and let him license all your titles! You have nothing to
lose except the increased revenue.

To introduce myself,I am Hayes Lau, BD Director of Handinroll China. We are the leading publisher of foreign games in China.

If you don't have your games launched in China, we'd like to assist you to explore the biggest mobile content market. There are 450 millions mobile subscribers in China. We have very good relationship with China Mobile, which is the biggest and China Unicom, which is the 3rd biggest mobile carriers in the world. Handinroll's unique relationship with carriers enables
most of our distributed games downloadable on China Mobile's portal. It's very good opportunity for experienced game developers to grab a higher percentage in this market.

If you are interested in the 450 million user market, please don't hesitate to contact me at Hayes@handinroll.com.

Best regards,

Hayes Lau
Handinroll Co., Ltd
Business Development Director
MSN: Hayeslau@hotmail.com

For more information ,please visit our Website: http://www.handinroll.com


Handinroll, located in Shanghai, China, is the leading publisher and distributor of mobile games and entertainment applications. Our focus is to source unique and high quality games from game studios around the world and to publish or distribute these games into our global sales network. We also partnered with China Mobile, China Unicom, handset manufacturers, and other online sale channels to help developers make more revenue in China market, which has more than 450 millions of mobile subscribers.

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