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    Jun 2006

    please tell me how to change

    hello to all

    i am using VSWD 2005 asp.net

    here i am using datagrid . i dont want see the database column names on the top of it . only data should be displayed ..

    how to make it please tell me



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    Jun 2006
    Hello every one!
    I happaned same thing!
    Please help us!

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    Jun 2006

    eddi i will try this tonight , it might help you also try it out...

    This is one of the most frequently asked question by developers who are using DataGrid control for displaying data. A lot of experts have suggested different approaches. So we decided to do alittle research on this. And to our surprise, the solution could not have been that simple.

    The key to the solution is capturing ItemDataBound event. When the page recieves this event, complete information about the data row is available in DataGridItemEventArgs parameter of the event handler. Item property of this parameter contains information about the table rows and cells that will get rendered on the page. This is where you can take of the cells that you want to or do not wantt o show. The only caveat is that you should know the index of the column that you want to remove. The following code snippet shows how you can get rid of first column from the grid.

    private void OnDataBound(object sender, System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridItemEventArgs e)

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    U Can hide the Header of the Grid na? Else when write ur query use the AS key word from SQL Server like,

    Select FName as [], LName as [] from Tablename

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