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Thread: java question

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    May 2006

    java question

    I've been working on this program for quite awhile. It's basically an adapter with multiple classes, senders, receivers, main manager, etc where I have to connect messages to a new system back to a legacy system.

    One method I'm confused and stuck on is a method that creates a Command Message. here is a synopsis of the code,

    * It will have source and destination addresses filled out along with
    * path to X File in message payload.
    * method will also trigger generation of X file on local file system
    * so file can be sent to remote sites.

    protected Message packMessage(String anDestAddress)
    Message aMsg = null;
    XFileSender anXFileSender = new XFileSender();


    catch(Exception e)
    Log.Data(Class.Info("Error stuff..." + e.getMessage());


    private Address convertToAddress(String aStringAddress)

    this.anAddress = theLegacySystem.getAddress();
    catch(error exception stuff)


    return this.aAddress;

    I'm confused on how to finish the one method and in converting from a String to an LegacySystem Address when I compile it comes back as
    "Cannot cast class.java.lang.String to class LegacySystem.abc.Address.

    I'm a little confused on how to convert from string into the Address as well as getting the source and destination addresses filled out.

    ANy help would be appreciated.

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    until LegacySystem.abc.Address extends string, you cannt cast it to string.
    you will have to write the method convertToAddress that converts a string to an legacy-address in more detail. i have no idea what a legacy-adress is for and how it should be represented as a string. but you will have to parse it.

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