Okay... I have been working with C# for a while now and I am curious about a
few things.

First, when I code something like:
public void TestFunction(ushort n)
for (ushort i = n - 1; i >= 10; i--)
//do something here;

I get a compiler error that tells me that it can not implicityly convert
type 'int' to 'ushort' on the i = n -1. What is up with that? Both i and n
are ushorts... does C# automatically make make n-1 behave as if it were i =
(int)(n-1)? Is there a nice way around it other than explictly casting n-1
as a ushort as in i = (ushort)(n-1)?

Second, Why is sizeof an unsafe operation? And further if sizeof is going
to have to take a type instead of a variable then why can't I do something
like sizeof(variable.GetType)? Is there some nice way to get the size of a

Finally, why can't a System.Array be used as the basis for an Indexer? I
have a case where I don't want to declare the type on the Array until run
time but I would like to use that Array as the basis for an Indexer. See
the example below.

public class SecBlock
private ushort size;
private Array ptr;

public SecBlock(ushort size, Type t)
this.size = size;
ptr = Array.CreateInstance(t, size);

public object this[ushort column]
return ptr[column];
ptr[column] = value;

This give a compiler error stating that Array can't be used as a basis for
an Indexer. Now, an ArrayList would be better because I need the array to
be able to dynamically grow, but then the question becomes how do I assign
the type to an ArrayList at runtime.

Any help on any of these issues would be most appreciated.


Sean Woods