determining the total no of files in the hard disk

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Thread: determining the total no of files in the hard disk

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    Question determining the total no of files in the hard disk

    hello all,

    i'm trying to build a desktop search engine using java. i would like to know if there is any way by which i can determine the total number of files in the hard disk. our algorithm doesnt do any indexing as such. each time a search string is entered, the searching of the hard disk is done.

    to enable the progress bar, we need to specify the maximum value. to specify this maximum value, i need to determine the total number of files in the hard disk.

    hoping to get an early reply.


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    There has to be a way to "visit" each file on the disk and allow the increment of a count, using a combination of the FileSystemView and File class. Looks to me that FileSystemView.getFiles() in conjunction with the other disk traversing methods will return a list of files in each directory, which you can dimension and then delete (if you are just counting).

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    I think something like this would work, however it'd probably be slow.

    File root = new File("C:/");
    public int countFiles(File file)
         File[] files = file.listFiles();
         int count = files.length;
         for(int i=0; i<files.count;i++)
              if (files[i].isDirectory())
                   count += countFiles(files[i]);
         return count;

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    Thumbs up thanks :)


    thanks a lot for reading my problem and giving replies.. it helped me a lot and i was successful in determining the total number of files.

    thanks once again!


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