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    Question Some Questions of Windows Programming ?


    My name is Ben, and I am new here.

    Recently I started learning the subject of windows programming , after understanding the basics of C++, and I have some questions.

    I am learning the subject of windows programming by this tutorials:

    But beside this, I hear a lot about the MFC library, I didn't realy understand the diffrenece, but my main question is - what is the simplest way to develop a windows program with C++ ? and what is better, and more relaible ?

    I am working with Visual C++ , is there a specific type of programming that is better used with Visual C++ for the windows programs?

    Thanks, and sorry for my amatureness (just started learning it...),

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    Basically, you can start with MFC, the replacement isnt mature yet. The easy thing to do is use the wysiwyg editor (what you see is what you get) in visual / .net (all versions from 5.0 on have it) to create a dialog based application, drag and drop a few gui items, and begin to learn to use them. Once you get a feel for the simple things (buttons, edit boxes) you can branch out to harder material (printing, hot bars, custom controls).

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