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    DirectDraw Speed problems...

    I have written a small visualisation programme using VB and DirectDraw as part of a Uni project. I'm a mechanical engineer so i do appologise for the undoubtedly bad code, but i am having speed issues.

    The programme basically reads data about strain guages though the serial port and displays images depending on the values read. The code works fine except for 2 things...

    Firstly the code runs very slowly, or much more slowly than I'd expect. It is not the serial communications that are taking the time because i have replaced that bit of code with a random number generator. It seems to get slower as the programme runs and is sometimes a couple of seconds between frames. It is not the computer as I have tried running it on three computers now.

    Secondly, when I access the MSComm control to receive serial data, I get the original VB form flashing up in the top left corner. I can get around this by setting the form.visible=false, but sometimes this seems unhappy, and I have to Alt+Tab out of the programme when it is running.

    Any help would be much appreiciated as I have to demonstrate this on thursday...

    Cheers, Duncan.

    PS, I have attatched the code but not the pics cos they are 16Mb in size...
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    i think your problem is with rendering resolution if you change the screen resolution to 320*240 and run your program at that screen it could be faster(((I THINK)))

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    Also loading 16 mb in buffer and reading from it takes time , Reduceing image size could be helpful(((I THINK))

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