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    Mar 2006

    Shopping Cart Help Needed - Urgent

    Hi Frnds,
    i am Developing a Shopping Cart Application.
    i am able to display the Items in the Items.jsp and i am able to forward those selected orders to
    another jsp called OrderDetails.jsp using Servlet.
    I have 3 buttons on the OrderDetails.jsp page,
    1. Cancel
    2. Cont.Shopping
    3. CheckOut

    When ever we press Cont.Shopping, i have to store the order data in a Table. and i am forwarding the request to the
    Items.jsp page.

    at this stage user can place some more orders.
    I am unable to figure it out that how can we display the Previous orders and current orders in the OrderDetails.jsp
    Plz help me guys.

    - Saikiran

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    Jun 2006

    Post solution

    Implement Sessions, store the data in the SessionContext by using the setAttribute() method.
    as long as the user is online, the data will be maintained. to retrive the data again, use the Enumaration calss to store data from the getAttribute() method.

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