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    SQL Server Database Backup

    I want the data base back up location to be in server(Where the SQL Server is installed) only, not in the client. And i can not predefine it, rather i want the user to select the location from the client( as the feature is available with Enterprise Manager in SQL Server -> Select backup destination). Is that possible at all using SQL DMO or somthing else that will open up remote computer's physical drives?

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    Create a Backup Device,
    Ent. Mgr > {server_name} > Management > Backup...

    All a backup device is, is a named location on the local sql server.

    When you start a Backup Database task, go to the Destination section of the backup dialogue, click Add... and select Backup Device. A listbox will appear showing available backup devices. You can also create a new device from here by selecting the <New Backup Device> option.

    Good luck,
    Michael Sanchez
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