How to read from resource file and create a temp folder

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Thread: How to read from resource file and create a temp folder

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    Jan 2006

    How to read from resource file and create a temp folder

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to embed an mp3 file into my application. But then an mp3 file is too large to be read from an reaource file.

    So now, may i know how do i complete all these task at runtime:

    1)extract a mp3 file from the resource file,
    2)create a temp folder
    3)put the extracted mp3 file into this temp folder,
    4)call up media player to play this mp3 file

    Thanks alot guys.


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    Jun 2006
    Dim snd() As Byte
    Dim myWav As String
    myWav = App.Path & "\temp" & FreeFile() & ".MP3" 'make a sequential file name
    snd = LoadResData(101, "CUSTOM") 'load the raw bytes into an array

    Open myWav For Binary As 1 'open, put, and close the .wav file
    Put #1, , snd
    Close #1
    'PLAYING CODE from temp-------------------------
    WindowsMediaPlayer1.URL = myWav 'play it

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