I'm trying to draw an Image to a BufferedImage using a Graphics2D object from the createGraphics() method. My code is shown below:

BufferedImage myImage = new BufferedImage(17*32, 12*32, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB);
Graphics2D g2d = myImage.createGraphics();
Image currImage = app.getImage(app.getCodeBase(), "tile.png");
g2d.drawImage(currImage, 5, 5, app);

app is an Applet object passed in through the constructer in an earlier segment of code. When I run the applet it doesn't show the image. I've tried drawing rectangles before and after the image loading/displaying, and the rectangles show up but without the image. I tried loading the image in my applet class and the image loaded. What am I doing wrong?