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    Jun 2006

    Which SDK to use to build DirectShow applications?

    I've been trying to get a video capture program working on the DirectX DirectShow SDK. Here's my scenario: I have installed DirectX SDK 2006 (that doesn't have dshow.h since it was moved to the Platform SDK) over which I have replaced the DirectX 2003 Extras which added the missing Directshow classes in that release.

    "I am using Visual Studio 6"

    Now, the problem I have is that when I tried to build the program with Output 'Debug Info' flag set in the project options, I get an error saying

    strmiids.lib(strmiids.obj) : fatal error LNK1103: debugging information corrupt; recompile

    Could comebody help me out on this or could you just send me the strmiids.lib file from the original 2003 sdk please?

    Huh..[sigh] You know I am really frustrated.

    Should i use some old version of SDK to work in Visual Studio 6.0?


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    Try to disable precompiled heardes and rebuild the project. If that doesn't help, try to reinstall VS. I doubt that the probles lies in the said file exclusively.
    Danny Kalev

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