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    QUERY: 'On Error Resume Next' scope rules

    This has been puzzling me for very long time and no where has
    talked about the scope of a 'On Error Resume Next' statement.

    When we program ASP(.NET) pages then we usually like to let
    ASP(.NET) stop at errors and report back to us. However there
    are parts of our scripts that we know an error will be thrown
    and we encapsulate that area inbetween:

    On Error Resume Next
    'Try block
    If Err.Number Then
    'Catch block
    End If
    On Error GoTo 0

    This is similar to the infamous try {} catch(e) {} blocks in
    Java/C++, etc.

    If we forget the last line 'On Error GoTo 0' then our ASP(.NET)
    scripts runs over all errors thrown and we find it hard to
    find bugs. So the big question is, does 'On Error Resume Next'
    go out of scope when it's written inside a block
    (eg. Function)?

    Function Function1()
    On Error Resume Next
    'Our code
    End Function

    When the Function1 call returns, does the outside calling scope
    automatically stays as it was (On Error GoTo 0)?

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    The documentation for the On Error Statement should describe the behavior.
    Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)

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