Hi all,
Here is my problem:
I have one computer which is connected directly to the internet through a network card and modem. using a second network card i connect a hub and to that hub i connect several computers.
Now, when the computers behind the hub use some network program the info goes out but when data to the port comes back in it cannot find the original computer since it is behind the computer connected to the internet (All computers share the same IP, of course).
Now what i want to do is rather simple. i want to write a program that "catches" incoming traffic through a specific port and redirects it to the same port on a different ip. This program should be put on the computer connected to the internet and theoretically should solve my problem.
I am not sure exactly, however, of how to go by it. If someone could explain to me the correct usage of sockets for this problem or at least link me to some useful source code that does something alike (and i'm pretty sure i'm not the first person with this problem, so there should be plenty out there) i'd be very thankful

tx in advance