Package details in Java

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Thread: Package details in Java

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    Package details in Java


    i have a sample program but does not have the library archives files yet which is to be in the JAR type. i would love if some1 can tell me what does the above package actually imports... izzit in package something like from folder to folder
    com\cosl\security\. then the armorcs.api, and the ".*" means all the files after it?


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    the compiler just imports the classes used within the code.
    just says, that when you declare a class that it doesn't know, it should search in the whole package.
    import java.util.*;

    public class test{
    private Map map = new HashMap();

    here the compiler first doesn't know where to find Map and HashMap. But the import tells him to search within the package java.util.
    It's the same as writing
    import java.util.Map;
    import java.util.HashMap;

    the classes you import have their own imports, so if you use a class from an external jar, you can be shure, that class itself will import more of the appropriate package. thus you have to include the whole jar with your application.

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    wow thx, i think i understands whats the ".*" works behind the syntax but i cant get the understand of how the "" works behind it?
    is it also function inside the armorcs or its a package? or folder combination?

    Thx dude

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    "" is a package. packages usually are organized within folders. Thus the package "" denotes the folder structure "com/cosl/security".
    within that package / folders there are a lot of classes with lot's of code.
    packages exist for two purposes:
    1. to organize your code. so you can put classes that work together or have a logical common point into one package. example: mypackage.model, mypackage.view
    2. to allow the programmer to use classnames twice. in different packages there may be classes with the same name, but not in the same package. since every class file is represented by a file in a folder, there can't be two files with the same name in the same folder. but there may be in different folders.

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    hmm ok, thx alot i think i understand it already

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