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    Database Password

    I'd downloaded code from this site which COMPACTS a Access database using DAO.In the code the database is opened in the exclusive mode using these lines:

    Set WS = CreateWorkspace("", "admin", "", dbUseJet)
    Set DB = WS.OpenDatabase(g_strDatabase, True, False)

    Problem is my db is protected by a "database password",therefore,I must state it in the OpenDatabase method's Connect argument.But I am not aware of the parameter thru which the password has to be set.Without it I get the error:Not a valid password.I tried Jet OLEDB:Database Password but it didn't work.
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    Ok guys & gals I found the answer:"MS Access;PWD=<password>".This you must set for the Connect argument.

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    You need to include the database password in the connect parameter of the
    OpenDatabase method. Example: if your data base password is 'JediMast3r'
    then open your database like this:
    Set DB = WS.OpenDatabase(g_strDatabase, True, False, ";pwd=JediMast3r")

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