Newbie needs help.

My question is:
Is this issue I describe below a security problem on my computer or is this a problem on the web page or maybe my ISP is screwing with it somehow?

The issue:
I usually use a online virus scanner, it's worked fine in the past.
I believe it is ActiveX with Java.

Now, when I go to the website It freezes and says this at the bottom of my browser window:

Exception: AccessControlException access denied
(java util.ProertyPermission user.home read

I have turned off all of my fiewalls and everything else that could be blocking java If that is what the problem is.

I don't even understand the java statement.
I went into regedit to search for AccessControlPermission but there was nothing.

Oh, the free online virus scan website that is now producing the error message is:

As far as activex goes I have gone through all my security settings and have given permission to everything selectable.
Lost and bewildered.