Is there any way to get the description of MethodInfo?

Method might be noly only its owned method but also the method inherited from other class.
I have tried with the following code but it's not work for getting the description of MethodInfo. (It's work for PropertyInfo).

 //Michael Sync
 //Loading asm from File. 
 Assembly asm = Assembly.LoadFile(ofd.FileName);

 foreach (Type t in asm.GetTypes()) {
   // check that we want to add this type
   bool isEventHandler = t.BaseType == typeof(MulticastDelegate);
   if (t.IsInterface
               || !t.IsPublic
               || !isBrowsable(t)
               || t.IsSpecialName
               || t.IsEnum
               || isEventHandler)
   foreach (MethodInfo mi in t.GetMethods(binding)) {
        // check that we want to add this method
        bool isInherited = (mi.DeclaringType != t);
        if (!mi.IsPublic   
          || !isBrowsable(mi)
          || mi.IsSpecialName)

         mi.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(DescriptionAttribute), false)):
private string getDescriptionAsString(object[] atts) {
  if (atts.Length > 0) {
   DescriptionAttribute dAtb = atts[0] as DescriptionAttribute;
   return dAtb.Description;
 return "";
private bool isBrowsable(MemberInfo mInfo){
  return true;
Thanks in advance.