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Thread: WANTED: Lead Programmer

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    WANTED: Lead Programmer


    Fluid is looking for a lead games programmer to manage the design and execution*of an interactive 3D application that provides a compelling, character driven user experience and supports communication over the internet.**The position requires a deep understanding of software application engineering, an ability to collaborate in a small cross-functional team of developers, and skill in designing and implementing high quality code.* As lead, you will be*responsible for managing the engineers assigned to the project, both in terms of task allocation and monitoring of the work, to ensure delivery of the application on a tight schedule.


    - Lead and manage the design and execution of an interactive application
    -*Program high quality, robust, easy to maintain code and unit tests in C and C++
    - Work effectively with a development team of Software Engineers
    - Ability to be self guided
    -*Good 3D skills & experienced in low level engine programming
    -*Proficient in C/C++
    -*Good C++ design skills
    -*Solid background in 3d math
    -*Be able to see the big picture


    - Experience programming in C and C++
    - Experience with interactive game frameworks
    -*Master's degree in computer science or equivalent
    - Strong object-oriented design and implementation skills
    - OpenGL experience preferred.* DirectX minimum.
    - Experience/Knowledge of 3D graphics, interaction techniques and 3D applications (e.g. Maya) is a plus
    - Proven ability to work with a team to deliver high quality software in a fast paced, dynamic environment
    -*Proven track record in the Games Industry

    work is onsite in San Francisco, CA. USA.

    to apply, please email resume & cover letter to: hres@thefluidimage.com

    thank you!


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    Do you need people who have a Green Card?

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