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    Jun 2006

    Thanks for your continued interest and support. I'm sorry, I could not find the Const value WS_EX_APPWINDOW in my API Viewer. Can you please provide the declaration of that Const value?

    -- Ruturaj.

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    Dec 2004
    Hi Ruturaj,
    Enclosed is the file that i modified..

    1) Click First button on Form1
    Ob: Form2 will be shown without parent window and without showing in taskbar.
    2) Click anywhere on Form1 or Form2.
    3) Open other app (i.e: notepad)
    4) Move over Form2.
    5) Click Form2
    Ob: Then, Form2 will be shown in Taskbar. << If you dont do the steps (4, 5), form2 won't be shown on TaskBar. maybe.. you can fix this issue..

    Let us know also.. :-)
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    Best Regards,
    Michael Sync

    The more you share,The more you get

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