I am attempting to access a Shape or Drawing Object on an Excel worksheet to
change its Onaction, ListFillRange and LinkedCell.

In VBA, you did this:

sheet.DrawingObjects("name").OnAction= "action"
sheet.DrawingObjects("name").ListFillRange= "ListFillRange"
In C#:
I can get access to a Shape object:
This gives me access to OnAction, but not
ListFillRange or LinkedCell.

I have tried this:

//gets all Drawing Objects on a sheet
Excel.DrawingObjects d =
return (Excel.DrawingObjects)d.Item(name);//crashes here
The problem is that the object [d.Item(name)] is a COM__Object, and it is NOT null, but it cannot be cast to anything useful (like an OLEObject). I do not know what to cast it to to be able to access the properties of the Drawing Object.

Please help!