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Thread: Java XML GUI

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    Apr 2006

    Java XML GUI

    I am interested in using a XML GUI parser to seperate the GUI from the rest of the code.

    I dont want the user to have to install anything besides the JRE to run my program. Which one is best to do this with?

    I would prefer to load up the program as a module in my program, and just call to it, and it would create the GUI.

    Any suggestions for easy to use GUI-XML programs?

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    Jun 2006

    Java XUL libs

    Let's see. There's SWiXML (my favorite), Thinlet, IBM has one I think called RIB and there are others. All of them come in the form of a Jar file, some with other dependencies so I don't see how you'll get away with not having to install anything besides the JDK unless you use a solution like ONEJar. The right choice all depends on what you want to do. If you want to develop a Java applet then Thinlet is a better choice as it is based on AWT and will support JVMs found in older browsers. For a command line app you probably want something more modern like SwixML. I would even suggest its spin-off project SwixAT if you're hard core about Java. Once again all of these solutions work the same way, as a separate module with an API you call to create the GUI from some XML input but they are all distributed as Jar files so they need to be installed or included in some way with your finished app. If you want to go with a native look you'll want to look at IBM's RIB which supports SWT. There of course you'll need to include/distribute DLLs. (or .so's for Linux)

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