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    Java applet for web site - question


    I'm mainly a windows VB programmer but need to know if a small program is needed in java. I want something that will launch from a web site and load a program on the user's computer at their permission. Its just like what gotomypc.com and glance.net uses. It checks to see if their viewer is already installed along with the version. If not, it installs or updates the files. Then it launches the program and passes a value to it as well.

    I tried doing this as an activex and could do it but feel more computers can run a java routine to do this much easier. Is this true?

    Anyone care to do this for a fee as well? If not, I can easily find someone on rentacoder.com which I use alot. But I'm just wondering if I should go with an activex or with java. Its only going to be used on Windows XP and up machines but if java is allowed on more computers that an activex is, then I'll go with java.



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    I tend to avoid ActiveX, but that's just me. This sounds like a problem that can be solved with Java Web Start.

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